January 29, 2018

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GOSPEL Music STARS descend on UEBERT ANGEL's London Church

October 18, 2017

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The ONE Conference 2018

January 29, 2018


The One conference hosted by Uebert Angel and joined by guest speaker Dr Chris Hill at Spirit Embassy: The Good News Church was focused on one thing: revealing the overflowing word of God that was bubbling over for months in anticipation for this specific season.


Before the congregants where empowered by the word they laughed and danced in jubilance on both days as the praise and worship team were in their core elements charging the atmosphere with vivacity and joy. World renowned saxophonist Mike Aremu joined the praise and worship team to lead the congregants into a mode a deep worship and exuberant praise whilst ministering through the saxophone.



Adding to the vim and excitement the stage was graced by Hampton Records' newly signed gospel artists Savanah and Rikki Doolan performing their singles 'In The Masters Hands' (Savanah) and 'Hello Jesus' (Rikki Doolan).




At the conference by American author, speaker, consultant and pastor Dr Chris Hill said that at the ONE conference God will do what He is going to do because He is the ONE.


Dr Chris Hill revealed that as God elevates you must not expect everything to be sweet as the devil knows where you are going and will try you, just as in Luke chapter 4 when the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness and afterwards Jesus returns to Galilee in the power of the Spirit (ref; Luke 4:14).


Bear in mind as we follow and align the teaching from the man of God, Uebert Angel of focusing on ONE thing, that the successes we achieve as a result of focusing on ONE thing will come with trials, tribulations and moments of intense troubling fire that will not result in bringing one down but will crystallise one's faith in God, as coal in fire produces diamonds.


Do not be weary, remember the devil is so defeated that he doesn't even have the keys to his own house (Rev 1:18) and as said by Dr Chris Hill anyone who doesn't have the keys to their own house does not have authority over anything!


The One Conference as previously announced by the man of God Uebert Angel was going be a prophetic filled service, and surely the prophetic reigned as peoples lives where changed for the better as the word of God flowed and was revealed and released by the man of God of the house.


The One conference is the conference that set the beginning of 2018: The Year of Pillar of Fire alight and will continue to ignite the proceeding years as the conference continues to be held.


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