January 29, 2018

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October 18, 2017

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*** WATCH *** Uebert Angel - 2016 US Presidential Election Prophecy Fulfilled

November 10, 2016

*** WATCH *** Uebert Angel - 2016 US Presidential Election Prophecy Fulfilled



The multi-millionaire and philanthropist known as the Good News Man, Uebert Angel, on numerous occasions in the last year spoke of how God was about to change American politics and in the process change the political landscape of the world.


On the 28th of February 2016 in a LIVE Sunday Service broadcasted around the world LIVE on GoodNews TV, 8 months before the Presidential elections, Uebert Angel gave the Word of the LORD concerning the 2016 American Elections which was contrary to what everyone had predicted.


Uebert Angel went on to mention that most Black people would vote for the wrong person.  CNN later confirmed that 88% went for  the losing candidate, Hillary Clinton.  It is of paramount importance to note that this prophecy was given even before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were nominated by their respective parties


Some people were convinced they know who the next president of the United States will be. Some respected prophetic voices have publicly prophesied Bible parallels that certainly make sense to many spiritual minds. Other extremely accurate prophets were just as convinced they know who would be the next commander-in-chief but they did not publicly declared their prophetic insight.


Others called it wrong, they gave detailed dreams about Hillary Clinton becoming president and the chaos that would ensue. Others claimed to have had clear visions of Donald Trump taking up residence in the White House. Still others insist Clinton will be arrested and Obama will not hand over the keys to the Oval Office, holding tight to the presidency and imposing martial law to deal with the violence in the streets.


Admittedly we have never seen such a prophetic swirl over an election in the recent past. At the end of the day we have president Donald Trump as the 45th American president.


“GOD WANTS A TRUMP” - Uebert Angel was quoted as saying in a LIVE service.


Check out more videos at Uebert Angel official youtube channel 


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